Sunday, October 17, 2010

Classy. Chic. and Feminine.

That's not me. My outfit is. :)


jayde said...

me likey:)
i like ur double ring, pdeng pangbugbog haha:)
p.s. ur so thin gg, i miss u and jaimie na

J A I M I E said...

gamitin bang asero, jayda? ako rin... and i want it on someone's face. bahaha!
i need to tinker my blog na. it's so dark in there. hehe.
also missing you two.

anne said...

make your blog hot pink or screaming red, mother! :)

jayda, i still need to learn more about htmls, nkk-nose bleed. hehe
i dont know how to change my title post to a different font. help.

i miss you girls.
i'll see you in January. yey!!