Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adieu 2010 and greeting 2011 with a bang!

A way overdue post.

While there are more distressing and tear-jerking moments last 09 compare to last year, I still thank 2010 for bringing me a lot of realizations, lessons and
insights about life.

Did the bravest move by leaving home and work in a foreign country completely out of my comfort zone.
Ditched my hard-earned job and made the most difficult decision to leave my comfortable and good life and exchange it with something really different and unknown.
But im glad that I took this big step in my life. It somehow made me recognize how responsible and mature I can be living independently.

Im still besieged and overwhelmed with everything that’s going on.. im still anxious of the idea of what this path that I chose will bring.

But im ready whatever it is.. And nothing can stop me from finding my own true happiness.

My 2011 is gonna be fabulous and full of bliss. Im claiming it. 