Sunday, November 28, 2010

Steals and Bargains

If there’s one thing Singapore would never run out of,
it would be a good SALE.
Different brands from clothing to gadgets to home decors offer discounts all-year round. So If you’re eyeing for that particular suede shoes this month and your budget is a bit scarce.. just wait for the next month 
or two and it will definitely be on sale.

This month was a bit of a splurge. I almost spent my whole pay check shopping and wandering from one warehouse sale to another.
First was the Loreal and Maybelline warehouse sale at Expo last Nov 15-17.

Here are my grabs.

Nothing beats a good foundation so I just bought a couple of them so I can have variety to choose from.

Then we went to Zara Warehouse sale at Mcpherson Rd last Nov 25-27. Prices range from $5-49. All shoes were priced at $15. Really cheap!!

My steals?

Silver skirt that can be worn as top too. Black sandals for just $15 
(original price is $89.90). and a black boat-neck top. I also got a tester-pack perfume for $10 for him. <3

I was expecting to see bags but the sale was more on clothes and a bit of shoes. No fitting rooms provided so you have to really think of ways to fit the clothes without getting peeped on. 

And finally, the much awaited yearly IT Show in Singapore was held in Expo last Nov 25-28.
I got myself the pink camera i've have been lusting for the past weeks. Yey!! 

Oh, and the suede shoes that I mentioned earlier. Here it is.

Got if for $20. Harhar. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bag Love

i soo love bags.
well, do you know a girl who doesn’t?
aside from diamonds,
shoes and bags are certainly girls second bestfriend.
We can never leave home without ‘em. A stylish bag can perk up the simplest outfit effortlessly.

Found these gorgeous bags from Bag Lady in
Bugis at a bargain 
and now, they're my new bffs. ;)
I never thought the first bag looks like an Alexa Mulberry bag until jayda
asked me to check this post from cherry blossom girl. J

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Red Pucker

I just love women who can don a red lipstick without looking like a tramp. It can make you look classy, sophisticated and sexy instantly, with the right shade of course.
You must always check the best shade for your skin tone. There are varieties of reds available, from plum red, brown red, cherry red even the “Red” red. 
MAC, Bobbi Brown and Revlon are amongst the brands that has the best assortment of red lipsticks.
You can consult their crew to learn the right shade for your skin.

Me? I found my shade from MAC. Russian Red Matte.
Here it is.

I don’t know why many women are scared to try it on. Believe me, it can do wonders to your face and to your look.

Warning: Make sure to find the appropriate red that will suit you. You wouldn’t want your guy singing “im in love with a stripper” instead of “ms independent” right? :)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

JB weekend

Johor Bahru is the southernmost part of Malaysia thats just one bus ride away from Singapore. 
Nothing much to see and buy in this place. Just okay for an overnight trip if you're looking for an escape from the busy merlion city.
Happy weekend. :)

Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Halloween

I bought this skirt in Chinatown for just $12.
I don’t like anything Goth, but this skirt looks so lovely on me. You can barely notice the skull prints from afar and the layers are very girly. And just perfect for Halloween.

On another note, I almost forgot it is Halloween. People don’t seem to pay much attention to it here in my location. I miss home terribly, I miss my mom’s suman and pancit, our little family reunion at my lolo and lola's graveyard every November 1st, staying up late to watch scary movies at a friends place in the same village and later find myself running as fast as I can to reach home.
oh well. so much for my halloween.