Wednesday, October 13, 2010


 Im a big fan of blogs. blog. personal blog. dream blog.
A blurker indeed.
When i read blogs, it feels like we have something similar to share, may it be the same aspirations,
same sentiments or even just the same heartbeat for that dress.
There’s justsomething on these blogs that makes me feel real
as a person knowing thatim not alone with all my
grumblings or realizations about life.

I have been dying to start a blog ages ago, but the only
thing that’s stopping me from doing so is writing the first post.
I have succumbed to my excuses ofnot having time,
being too busy and just contented with discreetly admiring other blogs..
I felt that my first post should be something grand and
impressive and extraordinary.

But because of my bitchy but oh so adorable friend,
who lured me orshould is say ‘black-mail-ed’ me to
start this blog.. (blog links please)

And a bit of thoughts leading me to convince myself that
a grand firstpost is not necessary to start a blog as long
you pour down your ideas on the
what-abouts of your life...

I am now officially switching my habit,
from blurking to blogging. :)

photo from Restart my heart


jayde said...

omg am i that blackmailer biatch??hahaha fine you earned your blogroll..bukas siguro haha.miss you anne:))

J A I M I E said...

nicely blogged! :) congratulations on your 1st post. mwuuuaaahhuugggs^^,