Monday, December 06, 2010

Black is the new pink.

Jayda was right, pink is was my color. From my high school days to my early working days, my closet would be dominated with nothing but pink. This color makes me happy and there’s a certain comfort
that I get when im wearing this shade.
that's until I met black.
I’ve never been more comfortable wearing black.
its like my refuge when Im having a bad day, my cushion when I feel plump, and my added confidence when I feel beautiful.
You can never go wrong with black, especially if it’s the lbd that were talking about. It can be mixed and matched with any other hues. It can make your face stand out and the most of all,
it can help you cover your flab. Fantastic.

I had fun joining Indarapatra's LBD challenge.
Thanks for the wonderful words Jayda. Lots of love.

And of course, joining the challenge wouldn’t be possible
without the people behind these pictures.

The photographer and the first lady.
Thanks a bunch, till our next photo shoot and ice cream spree. 

1 comment:

jayde said...

you're most welcome annesterr:)
black makes you more maputi! huwaay??haha
i'm glad you have great friends there too to photograph you, send my hellos to them too:)
lots of love,
your blogger soulmate haha