Sunday, November 28, 2010

Steals and Bargains

If there’s one thing Singapore would never run out of,
it would be a good SALE.
Different brands from clothing to gadgets to home decors offer discounts all-year round. So If you’re eyeing for that particular suede shoes this month and your budget is a bit scarce.. just wait for the next month 
or two and it will definitely be on sale.

This month was a bit of a splurge. I almost spent my whole pay check shopping and wandering from one warehouse sale to another.
First was the Loreal and Maybelline warehouse sale at Expo last Nov 15-17.

Here are my grabs.

Nothing beats a good foundation so I just bought a couple of them so I can have variety to choose from.

Then we went to Zara Warehouse sale at Mcpherson Rd last Nov 25-27. Prices range from $5-49. All shoes were priced at $15. Really cheap!!

My steals?

Silver skirt that can be worn as top too. Black sandals for just $15 
(original price is $89.90). and a black boat-neck top. I also got a tester-pack perfume for $10 for him. <3

I was expecting to see bags but the sale was more on clothes and a bit of shoes. No fitting rooms provided so you have to really think of ways to fit the clothes without getting peeped on. 

And finally, the much awaited yearly IT Show in Singapore was held in Expo last Nov 25-28.
I got myself the pink camera i've have been lusting for the past weeks. Yey!! 

Oh, and the suede shoes that I mentioned earlier. Here it is.

Got if for $20. Harhar. :)

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jayde said...

haha MAJOR retail therapy GG:)
super like your shootz!:)