Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Red Pucker

I just love women who can don a red lipstick without looking like a tramp. It can make you look classy, sophisticated and sexy instantly, with the right shade of course.
You must always check the best shade for your skin tone. There are varieties of reds available, from plum red, brown red, cherry red even the “Red” red. 
MAC, Bobbi Brown and Revlon are amongst the brands that has the best assortment of red lipsticks.
You can consult their crew to learn the right shade for your skin.

Me? I found my shade from MAC. Russian Red Matte.
Here it is.

I don’t know why many women are scared to try it on. Believe me, it can do wonders to your face and to your look.

Warning: Make sure to find the appropriate red that will suit you. You wouldn’t want your guy singing “im in love with a stripper” instead of “ms independent” right? :)

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