Friday, October 22, 2010

Three hits

We were in East Coast last night looking for an acupuncture/chinese clinic to have my right arm checked, i think its a bit swollen and the pain is bugging me since last Wednesday. Unfortunately. we didn’t find one, so we just settled with reflexology massage at Roxy Square for 30mins and look somewhere else to eat dinner.

And here's what we stumbled upon.

Awfully Chocolate. just reading this gives me sugar rush.

Apparently, the place consists of three eateries when you get inside. 
Awfully Chocolate for desserts.
  JooJoo (japanese resto)
and Mooshi bakes (pastries and bake shop).

And here's what we had:

Chicken thigh with tare/miso - just a regular chicken barbeque.
Pork belly with quail eggs and miso
- you can barely see and taste the pork belly that's wrapped on the quail egg. tsss.
Lamb rack
-the meat is tender and succulent. cooked for a couple of hours..
i can tell. this I like.

Cold honey lime ocha (tea) - 
average and ordinary tea for $3.90. expensive.

Rice with Cha-siu(pork) and egg.
-flavorful mixed rice topped with tenderloin and egg and seaweed on the side. You can eat this alone without the dishes since its very tasty. But the serving is so small and it’s a bit expensive for $3.90.

It took me sometime to pick the perfect dessert. All of them looks so delighful and heavenly..
But this is what they recommend if youre looking for over-the-top sweetness..


Boo. the white chocolate wasn’t sweet at all and the butter-based frosting is just too much.
Really disappointing. Horrible.

So-so as they say, I was not really pleased with JooJoo and definitely not with that awful chocolate…
but I was all stuffed. Diet postponed. 

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